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I’m not saying it’s fair, or even possible to try to care about every person or demographic. All I’m begging for is that we at least try not to be so hateful.

Shipstuck (by askLilCal)

a-ar.. are people actually shipping ships? is that a thing you can do? I mean, you’re hitting a pretty heavy meta slippery slope there, aren’t you?

I mean… what happens when people start shipping like: (BloodHound*DaveKat)X(SpaceTime*HateMarryMyself)?

To clarify, all participants become part Karkat, including the original Karkat, and Jade gets Dave, and obviously vice versa. The shipping being something half Dave and Karkat, half Jade and Karkat, shipped with something fully a half Karkat self-loathing, and two quarters Dave and Jade, respectively.

Which equates to them both being technically equivocal as far as composition, but phenotypically one is either really self-hate narcissistic, or else has Down’s syndrome; I’m not quite sure about how the chromosomes work out.

Needless to say, any possible offspring would be either a clone of one of the parents, a self-replicating mass of christmas-colored Karkat self-hostility, or else sterile from the sheer incestuousness of mating something with its essential twin. 

But that’s just the beginning. What happens once we start having things like:

((BlindRage*CrockPot)*(HighHorsePinkiePie))X((WebPage*Spider8reath)*(ScourgeSisters*FussyFangs)) ?

This is lunacy waiting to happen.

If nothing else, Tumblr would have to learn order of operations and punnet squares all over again.

So please, don’t make this a thing. Fandomstuck was fine, and even entertaining, but this is impending disaster.

(for those of you too uptight to get this is a joke, this is the time to start hitting backspace on your well-worded angry comment about how they can do whatever they want)

I create this and not even three days later, once again, Hussie goes out of his way to break my jokes.Not happy, and surprisingly enough, no mouth.http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=007659I swear, sometimes it’s like he’s watching me and specifically mocking things I do.

I create this and not even three days later, once again, Hussie goes out of his way to break my jokes.
Not happy, and surprisingly enough, no mouth.
I swear, sometimes it’s like he’s watching me and specifically mocking things I do.

So this is apparently a thing.

So this is apparently a thing.

this definitely won’t be crowded under all the other posts tagged with “Eridan”

this definitely won’t be crowded under all the other posts tagged with “Eridan”

Two more drafts, but not posting until I’ve got all the hyperlinked sources

Well, that was considerably easier than I expected. It even kept the links and formatting exactly as it was.

I don’t suppose anyone knows if you can edit posts after posting them? Just in case you want to add a tag, or misspell some stuff, or need to correct some information?

Imported from Wordpress 11 - Penny Arcade

Read Penny Arcade.
have trouble figuring out continuity.
read SBaHJ.
get it. boy do I get it.
Read Sweet Bro was actually a parody of PA.
Go back, read PA.
When looked at through the same lens, suddenly funny now.
Not sure if supposed to be funny in the same way though. probably not actually.

Imported from Wordpress 10 - Batman VS Lex Luthor

DCAU Lex Luthor is like the anti-Batman.

Both are humans armed with only money who regularly best superpowered opponents by manner of gadgetry, extensive planning, and manipulation.

However, while Batman became Batman to provide justice by circumventing the law as a vigilante, Lex Luthor “fights” in a manner of Lawful Evil, hiding behind the law (through ways such as becoming the President of the United States), using it as his shield, as he’s done “nothing illegal” or “has diplomatic immunity,” “was ruled innocent because of having the best lawyers in the world,” or any other slew of legal excuses, thus hero’s cannot triumph against him.

Furthermore, if you compare say, the dark knight batman, you’ve got him taking the fall for Harvey Dent’s death, while Lex not only blames others for his problems, but consistently denies any wrongdoing, regardless.of actuality. Clark Kent’s scathing exposés are nothing but baseless tabloid slander with a hue of purest yellow, both in journalism and in cowardice.

Lastly, Lex’s refusal to believe that one so powerful as Superman would ever rationally lower himself to such a humble position as a story writer for a local rag instead of basking in the glory and fame (despite the myriad of hard evidence) plays sharp contrast to Batman’s self-imposed, and at much effort and cost maintained, anonymity. Similarly, Lex Luthor, despite his villainy is quite adept with public relations (enough to be elected president), while Batman, despite his heroics, is typically is pegged as a menace.

Next time, we’ll discuss the economics of being Batman, as related to real-world wealth and economics.

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You know, I think a reason some people find PDA so annoying is because it reminds them that they’re not currently committing it.

Not everybody mind you. But some people.

Import from Wordpress 8 - Not “quote” since we’ve seen how botched that got.

It was a pallid Sunday morning, and the air was thick with the stench of drowned worms and ozone.